The SpeedZone is proud to announce the First Annual Jay Kisling Memorial Race on Saturday, August 29, 2015.

We will be running F1 and a wedge body LMP class. These are classes that Jay ran in his career of slot car racing; these were his favorite classes.

All the day's racing will be on the Engleman for this event. The F1 will be running IRRA® rules and the rules for the wedge LMP class are lised below. We do have the wedge bodies in stock already, they can be purchased from the store.

Here is the Rules and Schedule for the 1st Annual Jay Kislin Memorial Race. The rules for the F-1 class will you Retro East F-1 rules, the Wedge Lmp class will be listed below along with the schedule. Class Entries will be $10 each and a $10 Pitt Pass.

Saturday August 29, 2015

Raceway opens 8am with open track til 9:45, F1 TECH WILL CLOSE AT 10am

10:15 Qualifying for F-1 then right to mains.

Track will be on for 45 minutes after F1 for wedge Lmp.

Tech for Wedge Lmp will close 10 Min after track is off.

Wedge Lmp Car Rules 

3 Minute Heats 

JK X-25 with stock pans
​No cutting, grinding or bracing. Guide tong may be reinforced

Outisight OS-029 Wedge Body
Must be painted opaque, driver must be at least two colors
Must have 3 numbers and wheel stickers.

​ProSlot 4002FK
Brushes and springs may be changed but must be of stock dimensions.
​Motor and seal can’t be tampered with in any way.

Any 64 Pitch Gears
Spur gear can’t extend below chassis

Any tires you choose. NO SPEED RUBBER

​Rear = .047”